Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Since quite a few things have changed with Spotify and ps3mediaserver, the instructions in the post below have been updated. Among the things that have changed are some default file locations. Obsolete text has been struckthrough. The new instructions were succesfully tested on a win 7 64-bit system.



  1. "In a later post, it will be shown how you can control Spotify wirelessly from the PS3 and your living room TV using the Dualshock3 or a bluetooth keyboard."

    Any link to this post?

  2. Hey - thank you for posting this!

    I am trying to do all of this on my mac using a virtual winxp environment (vmware)

    I got all the way to the end, but i am confused about the last step:

    c) Save the file "WEB.conf" to the ps3mediaserver's profile folder, "C:\ProgramData\PMS". Now, all is set for streaming Spotify to the PS3.

    I don't see a profile folder - i see a bat file called pms.bat but do i just save the conf file to the same folder where i found it?

    i can see the media server on my ps3, but i just see my folders - i don't see a WEB option.

    any advice?

    1. Hi! xp have some file locations that differs from those of win 7. Instructions for xp available here,

  3. NOTE! WEB.conf should be placed in C:\ProgramData\PMS after edit. Or else you cant see the Web folder on your PS3

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